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my music and clothing taste hahaha 

can u tell me ur profile song ?????????

the first song is little star by akmu ! 

hello! could you please direct your followers to this blog - k-stylenetwork@tumblr; which is a compliment blog where you can send positive things about your favourite blogs? thank you and have a nice day! :)

hi~ oo that’s a nice idea! ^^ link here {xxx}

Good evening c: or morning, afternoon, whatever time it is for you I hope it's good cx I was wondering if you'd mind checking out my blog? Tysm, have an awesome day!!

ehe thanks, u too~ ofc not ^^ 

Hello! I've just found Your blog and I'm so happy! Your blog is amazing! It's really AWESOME! :D Would it be a problem for You to check out my blog and tell me what You think? It would mean a lot to me! Thank You so much. Have a nice day! Greetings from Croatia! ~Helena ^^

hi!! thank you so much<3 ofc! your theme is adorable asldfkj and bts omg > U <

hi! this is a bit weird and urgent, but if you are below 18 and online shop & you set up a paypal account, did you fake your age? is it ok to fake age? i heard they check your credit card info and stuff so idk

hi~ sorry for the late reply ><;; i’m not below 18 either.. maybe my followers can help ?

If you don't mind, could you tell me the name of your other blog? Have a good day ♡~

oh i have a couple of side blogs but i’m assuming you mean mashisseo bc of my tags haha ^^;;; i hope you have a good day as well! ♡♡

I love your blog!

wahh thank you anon ♡ 

This is a Tumblr hug. Pass it on to at least 10 of your favourite followers to show how much you love them. If you break the chain nothing bad will happen but I hope I brightened your day! ((Yeobo))

awwe thank u~~

I'm a BTS fan now after I noticed you posting them and decided to check out their stuff. It's been a long time since I've been interested in a new group, so thanks.^^

omg i’m so glad!! thanks for giving them a chance i promise you wont regret it ;uuu; or maybe you will bc they will ruin ur lyfe and it’s no problem at all because i just rly love to share the things that make me happy ^^ welcome to the army fandom haha~ ♡ 

how is that beggar fashion lol ???

LOL oh did you mean my tags ? that was one of the few instances where he wasn’t wearing beggar fashion hee and i meant something along the lines of “he looks really good in those clothes why does he insist on wearing beggar fashion” ^^ bc usually he wears stuff like this lol orz

ur theme is so freakin' cute **

aww thank you a;sdklfj

eonh replied to your post: hey guys~ sorry, i haven’t been on muc…

i hope the moving process goes smoothly! :)

aw thank you ♡♡ i hope so too ^^

Hi, I was wondering if you could kindly check out my blog. :) ~ thx

ofc! anytime ^^)//

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LOL thank you!!!